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Default It floated a couple minutes but then Sank...Total loss

Had a good day fishing last week then pulled up to the dock. Got my car and trailer backed up onto the ramp, put in park, set the emergency, let the car run, and went to the boat to drive it around. I heard a loud pop and looked up to watch my car and trailer slowly roll backwards into the water floating away, trailer jack knifed, and then sinking. I stayed calm and watched it all happen, too far away to do anything so why go crazy? After a couple minutes the car sank and settled on the bottom with the water just a few inches over the sitting part of the seats.

I then called for a tow and as he winched it out the car started on fire.....but after using a couple extinguishers we put it out. A few days later now and I have bought a Volkswagen Tourage diesel that will pull 7700 pounds. My friend that used to work in the Coast Guard told me a few months ago that SOP for them when loading or unloading was to turn the steering so if the vehicle would coast back it would coast into the dock or wall. Also choc the front wheels and turn the engine off.

With my new car I think I'll be sure to put it in park, put on the emergency brake, turn the ignition off, maybe turn the steering so it would coast into the dock, but chocs under front wheel.....don't know yet. People would probably laugh. Maybe I would do it on a really steep ramp. What do you do?

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