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Originally Posted by crossbones1 View Post
gitnerduns old boat? if so you got a steal. that boat may as well have just left norms shop. i told him the first person to look at it would buy it. there are a few folks on here who missed out because they didn't want to take the time to look. good luck to you!
Yes, Gitnerdun's, WOW! what a nice guy, he let me keep it at his marina for a few weeks while I waited for the new trailer. You're right, as soon as I saw it I knew. Only spent 5 min during the seatrial and we went straight to the bank By the way, I think the term "fit and finish" is very subjective. For example, I've been looking at Whitewaters for quite some time; and sometimes it's hard to tell the age of some of the ones I've seen because they age very well. I think this is a testament to the materials used and the workmanship that goes into every Whitewater.

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