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Default 28 Whitewater New to Me

Bought a new to us 28 Whitewater, and all my wife and I can say is WOW! what a great riding boat. We were cruising at about 40 mph in 2 to 3s (according to NOAA) and not once did it pound. Some of my hatches do not have hinges, and I thought for sure they would rattle. Not a single squeak from the hatches. We are coming from a Pursuit which was a great boat. I would say fit and finish on the pursuit is up there among the best. Although the finish is not as "pretty" on the Whitewater, the quality is just as good because in the process of making everything "pretty" things are not as accessible on the Pursuit. I can reach every pump, valve, batteries etc.... without needing four elbows. Everything is thru bolted with oversized washers. Anyway, just wanted to share with those who are looking to buy a Whitewater.