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Originally Posted by Coastal Cajun View Post
Any other Ranger 2300 Bay owners on here? I recently purchased an '04 model with a 2012 Mercury Optimax 250 HP (~140 hours on it, half of which were idle speed).

Anyway, I'm looking to see if I can get some performance specs/setup info from any of y'all out there who would be able to help. I've read that the boat should be pushing 49-52 WOT, and should be able to cruise comfortably at 43-44 or so. But that hasn't been the case for me... I can cruise at about 36-37 taking my time and am only topping out at 42-43 depending on the load. I'm running a 19P Tempest, turning about 5750 RPM at WOT. This is the factory installed prop, and it is in pretty good shape... no dings or bent blades or anything. I feel like I should be getting a little more speed out of her, especially with a 250 2-stroke. I've seen where others were topping out at 48 mph with only a 200 4-stroke... not sure what the deal is. I know this is a relatively heavy boat, but I feel like she should have a little more speed in her.
I have a friend that I fish with all the time. He has a 05 2300 Bay. 250 Yamaha and his speeds are about what you are getting. Not sure what prop he has but cruise in in the mid 30's and tops out at about 45 mph.