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Originally Posted by living overseas View Post
I found a beach front house being torn down. It was full of higher end faux wood blinds and other window coverings, blinds, etc. I salvaged 30 or so blinds cut them with a fine tooth blade on the miter saw and covered everything in my house and garage. 30 or so windows total.

I wanted to do spray foam insulation on my garage. Just the attic was over 4K. I found a guy on Craigslist selling 4’x8’ 3” thick sheets of poly Iso for $3/piece. I plan to adhere aluminim foil to the backs and touch it spray them to every nook in cranny in my shop. Total cost should be less than $200.

I am just saying with some patience and creativity you can save some cash. I love the champagne tase and beer budget comment. That’s me. That’s how my old man did it too. Trying to teach my kids that way.
I just saw something that said the Alu. foil needs atleast a 1/2" air space to be effective . If it's up tight next to something it's useless . I personally don't know for sure .