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Default The Rocket

Interesting find and good research Hammer. Absolutely an interesting piece. Looks like a Rocket/ICBM missile. I'm sure there's a hell of a story behind that boat and how it got to your area. Obviously not in So Fl as the boat appears in rather good shape for a late 80's/early 90's hull (?). But photos are generally kind.

The details of the boat, from construction techniques to design and naval architecture (from the write up/article) shows thinking way, way way out of the box...But that is a Harry Schoell signature. Can you imagine balancing those shafts...

Harry was involved with a bunch of one off designs and, as my father-in-law (who was a Nursery man by trade) use to say, "...not every seed that's planted leads to a tree..." Apparently this one didn't make it...

As to what its worth... well it would be a lot more if it was a car. That's a problem for boats in general. Don't like to think it would get cut up neither, that would be a shame as THT'ers in general are wont to rescue 'orphans' and this boat, most guys would agree, is rather 'unique'. Maybe somebody from Texas with the real estate would like to pick it up and put it out at the entry to their driveway - they bury Cadillacs out there don't they

Below is another boat attributed to Harry Schoell from around 2004and briefly manufactured by a British group. It's purpose was supposedly nefarious

In Texas, if you get beat by one, that is considered an ass-whooping. So what would they call this...

Maybe Otseg on here knows a little bit more about... the Rocket...