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Originally Posted by Rjh1960 View Post

great,now there is some poor installer wondering why the service calls have dropped off.

I think in some cases it is more of a time is money thing,if somebody mows your grass for $25 is it worth it to maintain equipment and sweat in 100 degree heat.

There are also some that cannot read a tape measure or even use a screwdriver but they have knowledge in other areas.

I used to do work for a fully licensed building contractor,he did not even know how to change a toilet out.

If something is made in this country and the reasonable added costs will benefit other Americans then I would pay more and not try and save a few dollars.

Would really like to see the $1 store become the $500 store.
Probably not. I charged $ 40 to mow .25 acres when I was 13 years old. I also used the homeowner's equipment, lol.