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Originally Posted by cherylchecheryl View Post
I routinely buy boneless, skinless chicken breast for $1.99 (Walmart and Jewel). I found a crazy sale recently where it was $0.99 a pound. Eggs can vary dramatically week to week. They actually last for a long time in frig, so I load up when they are cheap. Same thing with butter. You can freeze butter.

Shell gas station mini-mart had milk for $5.95 a gallon, while other gas station store had it for $2.99 and grocery had it for 2 for $4.

The comment about the middle man was exactly spot on. When I was looking for oriental rugs for my house, the same exact rug was being sold by 3 different merchants at $2,000, $4,000, and $8,000. Retail markup is usually double the merchant's cost.

Snob appeal, convenience, and lack of knowledge can all cost you.
Just read whats in that chicken your eating. Its injected with a bunch of crap.