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Default Mysterious Hull.....*UPDATE FOUND IT**

Ok, long story short this is in a little boat yard by my house, Iíve driven by it about 100 times and finally decided to stop in the other day to have a look. Itís very long at least 50í and itís very odd, it was a triple engine set up but engines were mounted way forward 1 in front of cockpit and 2 under neath.
You can see how long the driveshafts are.
All I could find was that the manufacturer was
Nautical Engineering Inc. Owned by Harry Schoell in Ft Lauderdale and closed in 96. Curious if anyone has seen this boat, I cannot find any info on the company...thereís plenty about Harry Schoell. I did post over at Offshore only but not near the traffic this site gets. The guy on the yard said heís gonna cut it up and trash it...just merely curious if itís worth anything or what the history looking boat.

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