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Originally Posted by Mckee4Me View Post
I disagree. Things are too cheap. Just think about what goes into producing these things.....

Gallon of has under $3.
Milk under $4
Pound of chicken $2.
Dozen eggs under $2.
We get clothes for the kids under $5.
Some good quality wines for under $9.
I laugh when people complain or get upset over a $250 or higher electric bill and when you break it down is about $8-$8.50 a day for refrigerator , ac and heat, lights, TV , computer, water heater and stove if electric, microwave, coffee maker etc...... have the power go out for a couple hrs even days or a week or more and see how much would pay to have the convenience of electricity ....... have heard people complain about electric bill over $100 a month or roughly $3.33 a day but in reality is really cheap for that convenience we all canít seem to do without