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Originally Posted by Barrington View Post

I am shopping for the inflatable online now. What would the maximum KWh I can go..... to be able to take advantage of the single battery/inverter set-up? (I am sure Mystery is going to tell me to search for the answer.... but can you save me the time?)

The light strands with the battery packs..... is genius. I will definitely be getting those.

Ok you comedians about the shore power..... I mention it because I was going to ask, at some point, if I get the generator.... should I just power the inflatable or run it through my boats shore power outlet. This would give me multiple outlets and also allow me to make drinks with the blender.

However, I am not opposed to using multiple extension cords and just use my shore power box. Should I get a single 16 mile cord or would a pair of 8 miles work? I just hope my wife can carry the cord or cords to the dock.

I appreciate the humor...... I only felt slightly stupid mentioning shore power.
dont forget a couple cases of pool noodles to float your cord to keep from snagging in bottom....