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Originally Posted by Drako View Post
You need to figure out how much electricity (in KWh) all that stuff on your boat will consume over the time you're in the parade. That number will tell you whether you'll be able to get by with a battery+inverter, or whether you'll need a gas generator like the standard Honda.

I am shopping for the inflatable online now. What would the maximum KWh I can go..... to be able to take advantage of the single battery/inverter set-up? (I am sure Mystery is going to tell me to search for the answer.... but can you save me the time?)

The light strands with the battery packs..... is genius. I will definitely be getting those.

Ok you comedians about the shore power..... I mention it because I was going to ask, at some point, if I get the generator.... should I just power the inflatable or run it through my boats shore power outlet. This would give me multiple outlets and also allow me to make drinks with the blender.

However, I am not opposed to using multiple extension cords and just use my shore power box. Should I get a single 16 mile cord or would a pair of 8 miles work? I just hope my wife can carry the cord or cords to the dock.

I appreciate the humor...... I only felt slightly stupid mentioning shore power.