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The trim tabs(I made sure to take pictures while they were virgin, so I could look back on them like pictures of our newborns, and to look back fondly on once was and will never be again.) They needed this metal prep for the tabs followed by an orange coat of paint and then the same two coats of RED and two coats of WHITE.

The tabs have been odd and while I have not gotten much growth on them, the paint on the tabs has looked more like the moon than the hull but I just live with the looks of the moon knowing that the dimples are cosmetic and as there is very little water flow being interrupted by the bottoms of the tabs, I can look past all the blemishes. Pics will follow-sometime.

Oh bottom paint.

Oh yeah, I forgot the motor mount/pedestal-where the Verado is bolted to the glass bracket.

I think I had just sanded up to and a bit over the waterline and went with straight WHITE Vivid. As the pedestal is black, I didn't need a tracer-coat and Vivid is good for underwater metals as it has no copper or anything else that destroys metal. It is the toughest keeping the pedestal looking good as the twin tilt/trim rams have some hard to get at parts but a toothbrush sometimes needs to come out if I care about it being tinted orange/brown.

I'm one that would rather see the grime and do something about it than go with a dark paint, knowing that stuff is probably on the paint but not really caring as it cannot be seen.

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