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I have a little different viewpoint.
Yes there have been incremental changes, But there have not been game changing changes in the HP range you mentino.
Yea a little lighter, A little better economy, Easier to shift (FBW). But all in all. If you ung a good 2005 model on the back of a boat and a 2019 model on the same boat I doubt you would really notice the difference unless you got the FBW option.

That said, The 4 strokes are a whole lot better than the days of past that I remember. Back in the day of the black tower of power. crank, crank and more crank until it starts then rev it good to blow out carbon/oil. See it stall and repeat a second or 3rd time and go boating. Now with four strokes it is just like a car. Turn the key, let go and look at the gauges to insure it is running.

Life is good, with both 2005 and 2019 4 stroke motors