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Originally Posted by bakerjw View Post
Very nice write up. I have yet to get my boat down into some sat water but hearing stories about fish, tackle and tactics is very valued.

I did have to google lizardfish as I haven't heard them discussed much on here. Sounds like a wonderful time.

The only time that cold matters is when you're not catching fish. One time I took my boys out ice fishing (back when I lived in Illinois) and the high temp was -3F below zero. We found a deep brush pile in an area out of the wind and caught fish all day long. They both remember that day as one of the best days fishing ever.
That's so true. We stopped by a buddy's not catching many fish yesterday that we used to surffish with.
He was complaining about it's going to be too cold to surffish with us late this year.
Both Woody & I talked about it's never cold when your catching....Just like you posted...........ICM