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Default Windy, Cold & Caught.

Windy days does make it tougher but not impossible. You need to find places to fish out of the wind.
I know that easier for local, like me.
But you have to consider conditions, have a plan the night before launch the boat.
Thursday it blew like crazy. We managed to catch a one topwater Red & one topwater Trout. ( CPR ).
Subsurface lures worked after the topwater did not, continued to another catch 14 keeper Trout (all fish released).

Doesn't anybody work anymore ?????
Fished with Woody ( works 4 x 10 hour days ) yesterday super cold temps, high winds & everybody in the world went fishing. You know type of day - 3 layers of clothing, bone chilling cold, that freezes your face & numbs your fingers. The kind of day that has you struggling, doubting your sanity, questioning your saneness.

With boats everywhere we improvised, left the crowds behind & went our own way. Trying a new place out of the wind, cold & crowds.
Not much topwater love so we went deep. Jig heads & Z-mans, MR 17 & MR 18.
Started catching Lizardfish, these were full grown 3 pounders. That when hooked felt like gator Trout, so we stayed to catch them, to evaluate our skills & test our tackle. These were quality Lizards, throwing up high fives for everyone landed. We forgot about Trout until we started feeling that famous head shaking.......

We ended up with a 2 man limit of Trout, 5 Flounders releases, 2 Rat Reds released & 150 tournament quality winning, fat, hungry Lizardfish.
I lost a nice big Trout at the boat, Woody tried to free net a 5# (?) Sheepshead & we spotted a big Red crusing the marsh bank. We will be keeping this place a secret for awhile.

Yesterday we stopped following the pack, have fun catching Lizards & caught more fish than every boat we spoke to on the way back to the ramp....... ICM

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