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OP my very Mexican wife is from Tamaulipas and we still have a ton of family there and in Monterrey and other places. They are all ranchers and entrepenurs of one sort or another so business in MX is rather second nature to me by now.

Travel back in time to 2008 and we spent the better part of a year dotting i's and crossing t's to start a hunting operation on my FIL's ranch. As in bought a bulldozer to cut senderos in the virgin brush, building feeders and bought/remodeled a house to serve as a lodge. A full month chasing out tails with the government/military to get squared away on bringing rifles and ammo over and then....the narco war broke out and we've not set foot in Tamaulipas since. Had on the order of 100K invested(5K to the local "tax man")...is kind of like that spiffy new spear gun you just built with a whopper AJ headed for the bottom and you're in tow.... ya better be ready to let go of it.

A local will never discuss any narco dealings with you but rest assured that does not diminish the reality one bit. If not for said reality I would be semi retired in LaPesca Tamps this very minute and making TC W3 smoke every day.

Bulls exacting advice is spot on.