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Originally Posted by 4thFin View Post
Couldn't that boat come with twins? I had to look it up. That Parker looks totally different then the Parker boats here in the States.
I would say see how the boat sits with more weight on the transom. Get a full grown adult guy to stand on the transom by the engine and see how the boat sits. Hopefully the person id 80 kilos or more.
The boat cannot have twins. She sits very well with an added height on transom. I have an additional fuel tank of 60 gallons in the very rear.

Again, my main concern is the mechanical/structural durability of the transom. I plan to keep the boat for many years. What makes more stress? It is when the engine gradually pushes 7000 lbs forward or when the engine (600 lbs) jumps hard on the waves?

I see you guys in the US like jack plates. Some have really crazy setups. So I hope to get some feedback on how this work on the transom long term. Maybe this is not a problem at all.