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Only things that really make me say WTF is when she gets annoyed at me for things, that she does as well...

Dishes in the sink. She hates when I do and it complains. Without fail every other day or so she leaves something in the sink.

Leave clothes on the bathroom counter. Itís a large counter (over 6í long with only one sink so tons of counter space) and she had a gripe a while back about me leaving things out that I planned to wear the next morning. I guess it was in her way. She leaves clothes on the counter every day and night, without fail.

Talk with food in my mouth. She does this from time to time, but is sure to point it out and stop me if I ever get caught doing it.

I have attempted to point out the inconsistency between what she does and what she doesnít want me to do. Didnít end well, lol.