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Originally Posted by NC Mike View Post
This but mine tends to leave all doors open. Goes out front to water the plants and leaves the door open in 90 degree heat. "It only took a few minutes". I can't tell you how many times I've hit or almost hit my head on open cabinet doors. She also takes all the free water bottles that come around. She has drug reps bring them all the time. God forbid I bring up the stockpile though.
The door thing must be all women. Drives me crazy

Doesn't screw lids on things so when I pick them up everything spills

Doesn't throw away trash or on general clean up after herself...candy wrappers are constantly all over the house

Doesn't put things back where they go so when I need something I can't find it

Hides the remote in a different spot every single time so i can't find it...then neither can she and we have to waste time looking

Won't keep her credit cards in her wallet like a normal human. Misplaces constantly, takes mine without telling me so I'm hosed when I go to pay for something

Half asses laundry and kitchen cleaning when it's her turn
Loads the dishwasher like someone who has no idea what it is or what it does.
the list goes on and on and on. I love her to death, but she is an absolutely horrible housekeeper, extremely disorganized and pretty much a slob to be honest. Doesn't bother her one bit but it stresses me out and she knows this but won't change so I've given up. And no she doesn't do all the housekeeping but she sure makes it harder than it needs to be for us to keep things organized. Diaper bags are always a mess after I've organized them so I can never find anything...and as you know, when you need to find something in a diaper bag, you NEED to find something in the diaper bag PRONTO!

OH! And the absolute biggest thing that makes me literally want to bash my head into the wall, and I bitch at her every single time and it always results in her getting pissed...she, for some reason, won't throw the effing lint away from the dryer and instead sits it on top of the shelf to collect when it's her turn to do laundry. Gentleman...I have no answer for this

She's a great woman but a pain in the ass to live with.

I, by contrast, am absolutely perfect and have no discernable quirks to drive her crazy.