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This will go to at least 15 pages... if not 20...

Takes something out of fridge (mustard, mayo, salad dressing, etc) , opens it and puts lid/cap down, walks to other side of kitchen and uses it, then complains that she can't find the lid/cap.

Calls her father every night (he's a newish widower, so that's ok) and finishes the conversation while coming upstairs to bed. Three days later, there are 4 phones on her nightstand and she is downstairs complaining that she can't find a phone to call her dad.

Refuses to get out of bed in the AM until I've yelled to her 3 times. Its not 30 minutes after I first woke her up. Now scrambles to get out the door for work, yells at me to make her breakfast because she's so late... then complains that the stress in the morning is too much...