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Doesn’t look like you got hit. If you did, I would expect it to be bent the other way. Looks to me like the load is too much for the drawbar, and probably the ball as well. What are you towing with that?

They do sell components rated for a lot more than 6000 lbs. They may be tough to find in most local stores, though. For instance, the drawbar I’m using is rated for 16,000 lbs / 2400 lb tongue, ball is rated for 14,000 lbs, coupler on the trailer splits the difference at 15,000 lbs. Probably overkill for a towed weight of 8500-9500 lbs max, but I really don’t want the trailer to get separated from the truck.

Replace the drawbar and ball for one rated higher. Ball may be OK, but it looks like a small shank. Hole on the HD drawbar is usually made for a 1 1/4” shank.