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Over 20 years ago I was rear ended while stopped at a stoplight by a woman driving an Expedition while talking on her cell phone. I had just dropped off my toddler at day care and if she had been in her normal backseat location she'd have been severely injured. My trunk was partially pushed into the back seat of the Honda Accord I was driving. The car was totaled.

However I was young(er) and naive and I didn't call a billboard lawyer--I just accepted the $2k check for my medical bills offered by the other driver's insurance (Allstate) even though I still have a stiff neck as a result of the collision.

Ten years later one of my daughter's good friends was killed in a single car accident while texting. She t-boned a telephone pole and died on impact.

I'll be dead by natural causes when the law here finally catches up to the stupidity of drivers.