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Originally Posted by amelliam View Post
Poison and electronic repellent from Home Depot worked in our RV, although I didnít have pets. The poison hoes in a small plastic box that a mouse hast to want to get to. They do it and you can see the satisfying green crumbs, knowing that they took the bait.

One thing with mice, I think I read that they can reproduce and double their population in just a few weeks. That means that if you have 2, soon you have 10, then 100. You canít play with them or they will beat you. Try 2-3 dozen traps, poison. After a few days figure out spots that had no activity and move them to active locations, then add the sound repellent when they start to slow down.

If you use poison youíre taking the chance that theyíll crawl off and die somewhere in your house and you might smell it. The smell only lasts a week or so. In my opinion it beats playing cat and mouse with the traps. If they multiply faster than you you catch them it will go on forever.
I believe its 3-4 weeks they double the population. One other note is they sleep 12 hours a day. So if you set a trap you need to be patient.