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Originally Posted by rootspook View Post
Picked up the 2019 252, twin 200s this spring w autopilot, optimus 360. Went with the tackle station seating option. Have been really pleased with it. Added an extra rod holder, Taco 380 bases. Wish I would have added radar but will do later.

Where is everyone storing their lifejackets? Historically have used a Tbag setup but not compatible w hardtop. Trying to keep the three floor fish boxes open for other storage / fish.

Any accessories that you love?
I have mine in one of the forward seating. They really do take a ton of room. I got a bag for them and tried the bilge area but they wouldnít fit(6 jackets). Plus they arenít easily accessible even though I Hope never to use them. You have more room then I do since you have the in floor fish boxes on each side of the leaning post. Another reason why I wish I went with the 252 but just donít need or want twins and was talked out of doing a single on it.