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Default Anyone ordered online from Jarrett Bay Boathouse?

So I ordered a collar for my dog from their website over the weekend (, and I just recieved it in the mail.

Wow That is probably the nicest packing I have ever seen. They treated my small $20 order like it was the best thing they've seen all year. The collar came wrapped in tissue paper with ribbons tied to it, they threw in a pack of dog treats (also gift wrapped), and it came with a calligraphed envelope with my name on it - inside was a hand written card asking me how I was and thanking me for my order (also how they threw in the treats hoping my dog would enjoy them). They also tossed in a few stickers in the envelope.

I never have owned, ridden on, or personally seen a Jarrett Bay, and they treated me like I bought five of them every month. I have to reccommend them for that, they have all sorts of cool toys and apparel on the website. Its nice to deal with people that actually appreciate you, and I thought I'd pass this along so you could too.