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Leslie Sapp
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We were about 30 miles off Suwannee when we had a 15lb red grouper inhale all three barbs on the front hook of a stretch 30. I thought I had whacked him sufficiently with the fish bat, but apparently did not do a very good job.

He then proceeded to flounce around and sink two of the three barbs on the tail hook deep into the heel of my hand. So, now he's still flouncing about but now he's hooked up to me while I'm coaching a 10 year old in where to hit the fish to finish him off.

" Uh, try not to hit the lure again, son"

For the general edification of the forum, the string trick doesn't work too well in multi-hook situations, but a good sharp pocketknife does...

There is now a small set of bolt cutters on my boat.
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