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Originally Posted by Shin-Dig View Post
I have had similar experiences with TC collapsable dredges as I have two of them. Their kiss of death is when there are weeds present and we must remove them immediately or risk damage to the dredge. The TC arms also break off on clear days at a significantly higher rate than our fixed arm dredges.

The arms break at such a high rate I must keep spare arms rigged and ready. Also, replacing a TC broken arm is not as easy or quick as advertised since tools are needed to pry what is left of the broken arm out of the collar on a rocking boat. I have asked TC multiple times to sell me the collar so I could have the replacement arm already installed into the caller so no tools other than the shaft nut wrench would be needed while fishing, but was told they only order the collars and shaft as full sets.

We rarely have problems with our fixed arm dredges losing an arm and with the cost of replacing an arm and its bait approaches $20, we will not be purchasing anymore after our current supply of replacement arms is exhausted.

Cobraarvey, sounds like three people on this thread have had failures with collapsible dredges! This is the great benefit of the Hulltruth forum in that everyone can share their honest experience and can warn folks about wasting money on collapsible dredges.