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Originally Posted by Kendall View Post
I bought some expensive dredges from Tournament Tackle including the Bucket Dredge. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! They simply do not hold up to the rigors of offshore tournament fishing. Anything collapsible will eventually break, as in the nut will not hold the arms in place. The collapsible dredges are great for storage initially until they fail and then you throw them away. Get the sturdiest Fixed Dredge (not collapsible) which are much less expensive and hold up the best.
What a bunch of crap. I don't often object to someone else's opinion or experience with a product expressed on this forum, but a negative post like this could have substantial impact on an honest, hard working small business owner like this one, and deserves a rebuttal. In my opinion, and from my experience,Tournament Cable's products are the best around. We've been using Chuck's dredges for 14 years and have yet to have a breakdown or failure. Started with his bucket dredge on my old CC. Still have it, and it is as new. Purchased his collapsible two tier E-Z6 Dredges after 4 years of using the bucket dredge, (and his dredge booms). Used the EZ-6 dredges and booms on the CC for the next 4 years (rigged with natural mullets or bally and chin weights, so they are dragging plenty of weight), until we bought the Express. Made a visit to Tournament Cable for recommendations on running full "A frame" dredge set up off the outriggers. In fact Chuck has talked us out of buying products over the years that we went into the shop to buy, but would not really suit our boat size or type of fishing. For the Express, Chuck added a tier to our existing 4 year old EZ-6's, and checked out all the arms for wear and tear. Unlike other stationary dredges, you can repair a damaged arm on the EZ-6 dredges. No upsell or advice to buy something new, just honest sound advice based on years of experience and field testing. We eventually did lose one of our original EZ-6 dredges when a Blue Marlin went wild and decided to wrap itself and swim away with it, but we still have one of our original's (now 14 years old) that we used all last summer rigged with naturals, (and we troll from 5-8 knots regularly). Unlike some of our famous brand non collapsible triple tier plastic squid dredges that have arms that begin to get tired and worn out after continued use, (often due to being stored in a fish box for the runs in and out or stepped on or flattened when stored on a deck or a cabin), the Tournament Cable EZ-6 collapsible dredges look as new, and are easily stored away during the trips (either fully rigged in the bait freezer), or in the Plano box provided.

Look, I have no affiliation with Tournament Cable. I'm just a very satisfied and loyal customer of a small business American made manufacturer ( 2 person shop) of some of the best quality, innovative offshore products on the market. A small shop that will stand behind all their products, and go above and beyond for the customer. Until today, I've never heard a negative opinion of the company or the products. Take a close look at the product. I'd put their quality up against any competitive products I've seen on the market today, and have many hours under my belt pulling them offshore for years. Walk any of the docks here in NJ, and talk to the pros or charter Captains and mates, and you will get a similar opinion.