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Originally Posted by POOLIO View Post
Penn reels priced below the Torque lineup are Chinese made and are subject to the same iffy metallurgy and quality control standards. These two specifically are going to be very similar, with the main difference being the spinfishers are "sealed". If they never get dunked, or pull more weight than they are made for, you'll do fine with either. If you like to push small reels and battle bigger fish, they will both let you down eventually. I have personally absolutely trashed the gears and bearings in 3 battles and 2 spinfishers using a 2-3000 sized reel offshore for offshore species in the GOM off South Texas. They each lasted 3-4 trips.
Sounds like a case of miss use. They are not winches. Use the rod to lift fish up through the water column and the reel to retrieve line as you bring the rod back down. Also, 3000 series reels are more suit for inshore species. I switched all my spinning gear over to Spinfishers a couple years ago, 3500s-trout, small reds, 4500s-spades, stripers, 5500/6500s Cobia, bull reds etc, and have had zero issues with weekly use. They are not $160 reels either, wait for discount season and get them around $100. Great value IMHO.