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Default Proper props... they make a difference!

I have an old Proline 2950 with twin Suzuki 300s. New in 2017. Handling has been an issue. She's a butt heavy old girl (I usually like them that way) but she's tough to handle (I usually like them that way too but not in boats).

Went to Accuprop in Pcola a few weeks ago. Discussed it with Dennis. He loaned me 2 4-blade props to test. One was an 18 pitch and one a 19. Had to turn off sync to keep them at the same RPMs. The 18 pitch blew the rev limiter at 5900 so looked like 19 was the trick. But, these were 15 inch props. The Zukes can swing a 16.

Got the new 16 inch props today and stuck them on after work. Man what a difference! Before I couldn't stay on plane at less than 28 MPH. With the new props (light load) I was on top at 10 -- yes 10 MPH. Incredible difference.

Also my MPG at 30 MPH went from 1.5 to 1.8! That's pretty big over a 100 mile run. Used to be at 4200 RPM I was running 30. Now I run 36 at 4200. At 30 I'm turning 3700 RPM.

So, yes, props make a difference. As for the right shop, Accuprop gets my vote! Thanks again Dennis!