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Late in the season the dead center of the Mud Hole is a good spot. From Warwick I'd look at Coxes, The Claw, Suffolk or the Fingers, South and around BI I find you need to go a little further than East Ground, The Gully is a great spot.

If you look at the chart and go SW of the where the "Fairway Buoy" was there is a spot that is a little hole that gets to 200 feet it's North and East of the Gully the reality is that is the SW corner of the Mud Hole as the Mud Hole is much larger than just the little circle on the Capt. Seagul Chart. That Spot has produced a ton of Makos some very large 300, 400, 500, 600+.

You don't need a drill for the bucket just be careful and cut holes with a knife. You don't need the milk crate if you cut a small hole in the upper edge of the bucket right net to it on the top then put your line through both holes and tie it off. The reason for this is that you DO NOT TIE YOUR ROPE TO THE HANDLE in any sea you will look over wondering why your not chumming any longer and you will see that you have a rope with a handle and no bucket as the handle has ripped off the bucket and you chum bucket is now bye bye.