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Originally Posted by CAP1 View Post
Chill girl. Nobody is questioning your integrity.
Although when you have to throw in there how many people in the 'industry' you have met - yea, I question everything after that.

You're a public figure. You have to take what goes with that.
As far as Hanta rods - ALL rod manufacturers have occasional issues with their products. It's not limited to Hanta. I have pointed out to Anthony an issue I found on one of his rods. He corrected it in the next run. It's called product development. At least he listens and tweaks his products based on feedback from real and professional fishermen (and fisherwomen).
He fishes all over the world. Not just all over Youtube.

Have a great day, and catch 'em up!.
Chill yourself. Boy.
You questioned that I knew whom I was talking to. I did and ANY rod maker would have replaced the rod on the spot.
Can't use that rod in a vid or image with a cable tie on it