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Originally Posted by mikee332 View Post
18 years ago the world changed forever. Nearly 3000 innocent souls were murdered by an ideology that I believe we will fight for generations. The sight's, sounds and smell of the carnage is something that is etched in my brain forever.
As an officer in the FDNY, I was not on duty that day but instead was enjoying a round of golf with some other FDNY members on that beautiful September morning. When we were told of the events by a group behind us, we raced to our car's and made our way to the WTC site.
Upon my arrival, the sheer enormity of the destruction was overwhelming and it seemed impossible that we would find survivors. But miraculously a few were found prior to my arrival, unfortunately these would be the only survivors. We dug through debris using our hands and buckets to remove what we could, It would be awhile before heavy equipment was bought in.
In the weeks and months to come, every victim, or part thereof, that was found was treated with dignity and honor upon their removal from the site. We would bow our heads and say prayer. I lost 50 friends that day and the dept lost 343 brave and courageous men. Since that day 200 more have died from 9/11 related illnesses. RIP brothers.
I hope we never have to experience and event like this but we must

I salute you, Sir. Thank you for your service.