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Originally Posted by caphilli View Post
Hey there. New to this forum and just purchased a 2003 Sea Ray 176 SRX.
The guy who sold it to me didn't have the original trailer, so it's a bit tough to find info.
It's a single axle trailer and I'm looking to replace the tires sine the ones on there are quite old. The tires that are on there right now are ST205/75D14.
Here's where I'm confused. Those tires (ST205/75D14) state on the tire that the max load capacity is 1760. And tires similar that I've been looking at have a D load rating, which is around 2,050lbs. The boat itself is over 2100lbs. So what tires do I need to get?
The current tires have a 5-bolt pattern.
Rarely use any of my 3 trailers & hardly an "expert" on them or their tires but buddy in the marine business probably is. That said after picking up an 18 Donzi on a single ax trailer years back, he replaced the wheels & tires & picked up a spare. Walmart was the only local place that stocked them on galvanized wheels and they supposedly are 6 ply's ( not sure if that's treed or sidewalls or both). All my wheels have buddy bearings (or other brand) so the hubs are easily kept grease packed and I suppose salt water free when dipped at the ramp and made sure to be at maximum air pressure whenever used. Once had one with a fresh water hose fitting up front that allowed easy flushing of the brakes after the ramp.