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Originally Posted by caphilli View Post
Hey there. New to this forum and just purchased a 2003 Sea Ray 176 SRX.
The guy who sold it to me didn't have the original trailer, so it's a bit tough to find info.
It's a single axle trailer and I'm looking to replace the tires sine the ones on there are quite old. The tires that are on there right now are ST205/75D14.
Here's where I'm confused. Those tires (ST205/75D14) state on the tire that the max load capacity is 1760. And tires similar that I've been looking at have a D load rating, which is around 2,050lbs. The boat itself is over 2100lbs. So what tires do I need to get?
The current tires have a 5-bolt pattern.
14" Load Range D's will be fine. As The Peddler has said, the tires alone will not dictate the total capacity of the trailer. You also need to consider the weight capacity of the coupler, axle, frame and springs.

I have a heavy 18' boat on a single axle trailer with 14" tires. It's ok but needs a little more attention than a tandem axle.