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Originally Posted by TheRealMacGyver View Post
Just came back from western NY/ Buffalo for a wedding. I had to remember not to crush my cans and trash them! I really donít get how this makes sense. At 5 cents a can (some states and Canada are 10 cents) all I can think is the only one that benefits is the state. So, you pay an extra $1.20 per case. Then you bring them and they scan them to be sure you didnít bring in foreign cans from say, Florida-LOL! So someone has to manage all of that-do they get a cut? I mean how would it be worth their time. And how much, a penny? Then I guess they go to scrap at some point, or do they go back to original company that made them? Just crazy. How many of you just throw them away and say eff it? So glad we donít have that in Flori-DUH!í

ETA: wasnít drinking cans at the wedding, they were bottles! Cans were rest of trip.
I wish we had bottle and can deposits in Florida. I am one of the very few responsible people here who recycles them but gets nothing back. No way am I just throwing them in the trash.