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Default How much is too much water in bilge?


Iíve always stuck to old boats because of an inexplicable addiction to Aquasports from the 70ís (also that whole Ďbudgetí thing). Iíve finally pulled the trigger on a new boat and love the thing. Itís a 2200 Bulls Bay.

That said, there is always some water that comes out of the drain plug at the end of the day.

Never having owned a boat with live wells beforeóI suspect that this water is live well related. Last night, I intentionally fished all artificial and didnít fill the wells. I spent 2 hours on the water trout fishing and there was still some water when I pulled the plug at the end of the day. Significantly less than an 8 hour day with both wells full of eelsóbut water nonetheless. Nothing choppy and didnít touch the wash down.

My gut tells me that some water still works itís way in through the wells; but I also have this hunch that there may be some kind of loose through-hull.

Is it normal for some water to show up? I havenít done the hose-test yet and turn to you to see if that is warranted.