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Thank you again,

I have been searching the web for (Pilot House / Sport Cabins) in the 28' range but not too many options or out there available.
I am also having to finance some of the package so there are restrictions on how old I can go.
I agree that older is more economical, then I mentally conflict with older boats may spend more time in shop than on water, with new we have some security of warranty for a while.

Thus the C Hawk which is quite a bit less up front, but I see there is no resale value on it. I was more locked on the 30k electronics package and low hour engines i guess than the boat itself.

I really like the layout of the Pilot House Style Boat that keeps the fishermen all together and I feel I will have more control over managing there needs. Plus the wife already has patio furniture picked out for the back deck so we can do all the local "party" parades, sunset cruises and Island hopping (Yippee).

Thank you all for your input, It was greatly appreciated and I learned a lot.