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I just went down to my boat to check on the sizes. The spinfisher 4500 is slightly bigger than the battle 4000. Nest comparison I could give is meybe 1/2 a size bigger when looking at the difference between the battle 3000 and battle 4000. I also have a BG 3500 which is comparable to the spinfisher 4500 the difference not enough to notice ( Maybe slightly smaller).I have apparently been lucky with my battles as they are still smooth, but I have 7or 8 similar setups so there may not be super heavy use on them. All of them will work fine. I also have a pt40 Cabo but itís my heavy duty reel with 30# whereas the others mostly have 20# braid.

the battles are the lightest. The spinfisher is probably the heaviest but similar to the Cabo if I recall. Kind of splitt8ng hairs. Never got tired casting them and canít see how someone would unless a young child or someone elderly.

my two favorites are my Cabo and the daiwa BG, I only have this season on the new daiwa. The battles are great little light reels but only a matter of time I suppose before they are toast based on what others have said. They are clearly the lightest.

If I had to pick one light reel out of the ones I own and taking cost into consideration so far itís a BG3500 based on its performance. Long term I donít know as its new. My Cabo is the oldest among what I am currently using and has been flawless but quite a bit more $$$ and is a beefier reel.

all reels have been fine with false albacore, striper, bluefish, assorted ground fish, etc..