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16 degree deadrise will pound in chop, but is more stable on drift. 21 degree deadrise is kind of a compromise for offshore. It will ride decent enough, but roll at anchor a bit more than the 16 degree boat. Most true offshore boats have a 24 degree deadrise.

i have a 25 Parker with 16 degree hull. I have been happy with it, but needed a mod-v hull as I do a bit of fishing in relatively shallow water. We do take it offshore occasionally, but it would NOT be my choice for a dedicated offshore boat.

If I had to make 2h runs each way, the C Dory wouldnít even be a consideration. I donít even know if I would be considering the Parker, which does OK in rough water but isnít great (especially with the foreword seating position. I would probably opt for a CC designed for offshore work in the 28-32 range. If you need the enclosure, look at smaller express boats like an Albemarle/ Carolina Classic in the 28-30ft range. They will be slightly older, but you can still find them in very good condition within your budget.