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Originally Posted by Ice Cream Man View Post
Try working backwards. What I mean is what are you planning to target with the reel?
If you're only need one & want to throw light lures - Go with the Battle 2.
If you want to throw bait / jigs / heavy lures for bigger stronger fish go with the Spinfisher.

Buy & support local tackle shops ......ICM
A Stated in the Post I Normaly Target Snook, Trout, Redfish, Jack C, Mackerels, and Similar sized Fish. I want this Reel (Spinfisher 4500) to be Mostly used for Light Lures up to 2oz Lures and Live Bait. My Main concern is the size difference of the reel compared to the Battle 4000. I can avoid a hefty bill by going with the good ole Battle 4000 because i have spare rods that fit perfectly with them. As for the Spinfisher 4500 i do not know if the reel is physically bigger than the Battle 4000 by a lot of just a small bit. If they are the same size then i can avoid buying another $150+ Rod if it is bigger then i will need a Rod for it which is what im trying to avoid. But i for sure want the New Spinfisher reel.