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Originally Posted by Ebbie View Post
I went with the 6500HS You can put 300 yds of braid with 150 yd top shot of mono. 40 lbs of drag and a 6.2:1 gear ratio.
Thatís a fast retrieve. Itís still light enough I can cast it If I spot a Cobia or Dorado. Bad ass reel for the money.

Originally Posted by triumphrick View Post
Most all Penn reels that retail for lessthan $250 are made in China..

The value of nice clean Penn 113H's is rising due to the fact the replacement reel made in China is so bad, and it is such a popular reel.
Why doesnít it state that the slammers are made in the USA on the penn website?
I will primarily be fishing tuna at the humps in the keys and possibly offshore NC with these reels