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Originally Posted by Jmcgrathpalmbeach View Post
I recently noticed a lot of slanderous defamatory and false accusations about corporations I own and I have affiliation with.
Itís one thing to poke fun about about an incident with the boat.
Well itís another thing when you start attacking peoples livelihoods and reputable businesses. Possibly the hull truth site and some of the posters on here most definitely are liable for defamation and slander.
Any and all corporations I own and/or are affiliated with our completely above board.
Your poster Matt is a completely delusional individual. He lives in his car he canít feed himself and he lives on public assistance and heís livid that other
family members are successful in life.
Matt has nothing to do with any dealerships in Florida . He was never a general manager at Kol auto sales he was only a nephew that came down to Florida to sport dealership cars and flaunt whatever money he had in his pocket trying to play the heavy..
I think the term they use is ghetto fabulous ie car clothes, jewelry, woman.
Matt does not own any reputable nor successful businesses and he has never owned any real estate nor will he ever.
Matthew has nothing to do with my aunt her estate planning nor any property sheís affiliated with nor does he have the financial or mental capabilities to do such a thing even he wanted to.
He is not from the state of New York he was born in Ohio and he has nothing to do with any homes in Montauk for a family member nor anyone else.
Moreover he has nothing to do with my yacht money in anyway shape or form.
Everything he posted that was repeated by another poster is defamatory and false information placed out there to cause malicious financial harm on reputable businesses and people. Businesses that employ people who rely on that income to feed their family and put food on the table and close on their childrenís back and this creep is trying to ruin that.
You people are posting all the stuff on here about criminal records and even if you did have the right Joseph McGrath wouldnít even matter.
Food for thought and Iím unclear if they teach this in history anymore but the criminals and/or other undesirables etc are the ones who founded this wonderful United States of America.
I have people employed by me that make over 100 grand a year.
Does it make me a bad guy because I go to a city auction and buy a machine for a few thousand dollars fix it up paint it and then rent it out at the steel mill or a automotive plant. Iím not going to give me too much information but some of these machines bring $5,000k week unlimited hours of use and they sit on job sites for six months straight flat rate. Some job sites I may have five or six machines on site flat rate sitting there on rent for months.
Does it make me a bad guy if I purchase somebodyís Real estate getting foreclosed on via short sale assumption of mortgage or just straight flat out by it .
Does it make me a bad guy because I purchased somebodyís Real estate below market value that they didnít want anything to do with because itís a distressed property And just too much of a burden to maintain etc.
Does it make you a bad guy because you have a dealership where you purchase cars for example f$600 and then you sell it for a couple grand with in a few days.
And while weíre on the dealership topic you people put Marianne McWilliams on here and slandered her name She is not a cook at any restaurant in anyway shape or form she doesnít drink and she doesnít use any drugs and yet you people publish information about her on the Internet for the entire world to see thatís completely defamatory and false.
Does it make you a bad guy if you own rental properties or you purchase real estate legitimately from the owners.
Getting back to the real estate I never purchased any house from any old man in Gates Mills Ohio any of my real estate dealings in Gates Mills and or anywhere else is completely above board and straightforward : But again certain people on here with a malicious intent publicize completely fraudulent information about alleged real estate dealings that never transpired or if they did transpire they did not transpire in a manner even remotely close to what youíre publicizing online.
. It should be noted I do not have any Real estate here in the state of Florida title under my name so good luck with your property search. And let it be noted I have a lot of real estate I never recorded the deed for and I have quiet title on the property.
We have already taken screenshots of all the defamatory and false publications by individuals on here about our business activities and so forth and you know who you are.
Now as a suggestion the posters at this juncture could remove those defamatory and false publications about Marianne McWilliams, Joseph McGrath and any of the companies and others that Joseph McGrath owns and/or is affiliated with.
And you will be required to issue a public apology
As it stands weíre in talks with a major law firm here in Florida in regards to bringing suit against certain Individuals on here including the hull truth.l cute admins etc., And that lawsuit will be filed naming you as defendant in both, your official and personal ceapacity..
And itís not hard to issue a subpoena to the hull truth to administrators to find out your real name where you live where you work al to serve you with a copy of the summons and complaint .
Certain people on here have made it their mission to publicize defamatory and false information about innocent people and reputable businesses.
Im not much of a boater....and even less of a Yachtsman. I have read a few law books over the years...The good news is our beloved THT is immune...a little thing called the Communications Decency Act.

The even better news is even more life is breathing into this epic thread. Just imagine for a moment all the salty, crusty, sketchy characters on this thread sitting in a courtroom...(dear gawd the smell!)

Carry on....everyone wins when threats of lawyers getting involved start getting tossed around!
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