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Default Penn SpinFisher VI 4500 Vs Battle 2 4000

Hello everyone. I just wanted to get some quick information before i made my purchase.
What is the Size difference on the Penn SpinFisher VI 4500 Vs Battle 2 4000?
Is the Spinfisher 4500 Physicaly Bigger than the Battle 4000 or are they the same size?
I already know that the Spinfisher has more line capacity and more drag and is slightly heavier. But i want to know if there is a physical size difference between the 2. If anyone owns both and can let me know that would be amazing. I already Have a few Battle 2s 4000 But wanted to upgrade to the Spinfishers 4500 and needed to know if i also needed to upgrade Rods due to the size difference.

Also What do you guys think, Should i upgrade to the Spinfishers VI's (Currently $160) or just buy more Battle 2's (Currently $100) is it really that much of a difference? I Normaly Target Snook, Trout, Redfish, Jack C, Mackerels, and Similar sized Fish.
What experiences have you had with both of the reels Comment them below Bad and Good.
Also Comment the type of rod you have them paired with. I have My Battle 4000s paired with Penn 6'6 Legion FA's and Penn 7' Battalions XFA's
Thanks for reading!