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The Squall VS series is different than the regular squall lineup. They have the internals of the Penn International Series and a graphite frame. Great reels that can handle up to 60lb test and 80lb test in a bit. Think of them as an upgraded/newer TLD A Series. Heavier than the Fathom-more of a trolling reel. The Fathom is a cast metal frame. The 40 and 60 series are great reels up to 60lb test and can do 80 in a pinch. You can cast or troll with them. The Fathom 40ld2 speed is the rental reel for a couple of the long range boats out of San Diego for their Guadalupe Island Trips. Those reels are abused and they have held up exceptionally well.

I have all of the above reels (along with Penn Torque, Shimano Talicas, Okuma Makaira and Andros, tiburon and accurates). For a budget, both are great reels. They are not internationals. makairas, tiagras, but they are they best bang for the buck and are great reels. If you are fishing for anything short of blue/black marlin, bluefin tuna over 200lbs or yellowfin from a long range boat, you are all set with either one. Pick one up and see which one you like best.

If you have other questions, PM Steve Carson on Bloodydecks. He is the Penn guy and is a wealth of knowledge.