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Originally Posted by tayfunmeric View Post
I have tried everything and my 2 cents here.
if you have money,
- go with ready made topshots and hollow core from a good source like texasblue or bhp tackle. You can swap them for lighter or heavier setups on the boat more or less easily.
if you have time and experience make the topshots home it is not that difficult.
OR if you have hollow core but donít want to spend on ready topshots
- splice the mono into the hollow and serve with a bobbin or like texasblue showed in the tackle direct video. Remember that you are limited with the mono size in this case.

At this point I will add that all of my trolling and chunking setups are hollow to mono with pre made topshots or splices. No problems yet and hollow is easier on hands. I have used and still using jerry brown but changed recently to momoi gen 3. Momoi is fine at the moment, donít have enough miles to make a real comparision.

Now, if you have solid braid:

best knot id PR followed by FG for me. It is difficult to tie properly on the rocking boat but you can do it.
In madascar the guides are using exclusively FG for everything and it worked very well from jigging to marlin fishing. No brreaks.
in Dubai and Oman for GT fishing the guides are using the sleeping beauty and it worked very well without breaks too.

I use mostly FG with my braid to mono connections. If I tie everything at home then PR not only because it might be stronger but I like to tie a beautiful knot
I also use the modified bristol knot sometimes.

I don't think that you can break a properly made knot with the drags on strike or even at full. Hence I like to use mostly a streamlined connection hollow to mono with exchangeable topshots. It is easy on guides and rollers and knowing that it is a 100 % connection gives me a a very good feeling. I have accurate bv 1000s with 600 yard of momoi hollow and 200 yards of 80 mono sliced and served. At the same time spares of different weight and length wind on top-shots for just in case.

I also can FG and sleeping beauty knot in case.
Thanks for the reply. Iím going to just do a loop to loop connection for the top shot, but from the top shot to a fluoro leader, what do you all use? A barrel swivel and a shorter leader that you donít run through the guides or something else?