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Originally Posted by RipTideBBQ View Post
A few weeks before all of the hurricane craziness, I was supposed to have a generator power inlet plug added to my home. My plan is to purchase a rather large output portable generator 10KW or higher running power (not surge). Well, the electrician that was going to do the work screwed me
and never came to give estimate to begin work. So here
I am and will be running extension cords for this storm if we lose power. BUT I will be having the electrical work done once all of this passes. Enough of the background (which is my fault for not being diligent). We were sitting here discussing different generator options at work, and a coworker told me he was thinking about gettin a large dual-fuel DuroMax 13KW unit. I started looking into them (my plan was to purchase a Caterpillar RP12000 generator). They arenít getting bad reviews and the price is a fair amount
cheaper. I know, get the quality unit, you say. I want to know real world experience/opinions on the Duromax units. Keep in mind that whatever I get will not be used for extreme or extended duty cycles - Just temporary power outages.
I was reading about these last year. I could not find much info on the engine.

We are still running on an older Generac that has been pretty faithful. Longest I had to run this one has been 2 weeks.