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Originally Posted by Texasblue View Post
Outside of OP's question specific to Kill Bags, this brings up an interesting discussion and very relevant to topic. Also, I'm assuming this discussion is exclusive of in-deck fish boxes.

I'd say it's very important to distinguish where you're fishing. I've witnessed it myself where a wet towel in S FL is fine when you're only running a short distance offshore and relatively short total trip (read envious). The internal temperature of the swords is your insurance policy for a period of time. A tarp could also make sense and economically smart.

However, for example, if you're fishing in the Gulf and run 100 miles or more that wont necessarily do the trick. You often have a very long day and possibly 2 days offshore. That might be pushing the envelope in keep that fish cold. A full day of brutal heat will take it's toll, let alone more time than that.

I'd humbly submit where you're fishing, temp conditions, potential need to plug and trip duration are important factors to consider.
You are totally correct here with trip duration. I fish SE FL and didn't consider keeping a whole fish more than a few hours before getting back to the dock. I stand humbly clarified.