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So this dude is traveling from within the pocket smoking a lot from his exhausts to the point I thought he might be on fire. Shortly thereafter he gasses the boat up on the bank near the ramps. It was a dead high tide on a king tide with the storm 100 miles to our east. The water was at the level of the docks.

I with others go over to help him out. He stated the marinas close by wouldn't let him tie up (of course), which he was upset about. He didn't want to anchor so he beached it. We told him to tie it to the trees (he only had his anchor line which he was hesitant to cut at our recommendation). We suspected the tide would be higher tomorrow during the storm and likely float his boat into the docks across the pocket.

He said that he had a place in Palm Beach where he had the boat but decided to run it to Stuart today because they had no slips there (Palm Beach is out of the cone - he navigated North into the cone?).
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